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Details of events and workshops taking place in 2019

Holotropic Workshop

Holotropic Breathwork one-day workshop.. 24th of May in 41 Gardiner Street at 9 a.m. fee €100. Light meals are provided but feel free to bring any extra food that you think will supplement the light lunch. Please also remember to wear loose fitting clothing and bring a blanket and sheet for your own comfort.

Holotropic Breathwork is a process designed to allow you to open up to a fuller experience of self.

This daylong event in the city centre takes us on a journey of self-discovery and which can expand our awareness of our inner world. It can develop our own, innate power to recover. The philosophy of the workshop is to provide a safe, supportive and self–guided place to open up to and reconnect with the deeper self. The word Holotropic mean moving towards wholeness and in this workshop helps to reach the creative potential for self-directed healing, expansion and awareness.

Trusting in the power of the breath to naturally restore our balance, repair trauma and revitalise our energy.

Holotropic Breathwork is an integrative therapy. This means that as well as acknowledging the thinking, feeling role of the brain we try to integrate the somatic, the body’s messages, we acknowledge all the senses, the spirit and the depth of the entire person. We might consider that we spend too much time in our heads”, when a more complete awareness requires a more sensory fullness.

Holotropic Breathwork could be considered a mixture techniques and meditative practices. It can be considered a bringing together of the psychological, the physical and our consciousness.

The technique involves a combination of deeper faster breathing, evocative music and if requested focused bodywork to access non-ordinary states of consciousness. Both Brian and Conor are highly trained facilitators and have spent many hours participating in Breathwork.

The release healing and integration of emotional or physical trauma, reduction in anxiety and stress, amelioration of symptoms of depression, emotional expression & release and creative inspiration are our objectives.

Many people also report that it helps them connect to a feeling of authenticity more “realness” in their daily life, this could be as a result of less repression, denial and use of defence mechanisms to cope.

About Me

Brian Naughton

I worked in the Public Service for 30 years gaining a BA and an MBA along the way. In 2006 I decided to change direction and became involved in Therapeutic Counselling in Dublin Counselling and Therapy Centre. I have been operating as a fully qualified counsellor for the last few years. My practice is strictly confidential and bound by the Code of Ethics laid down by the IAHIP - of which I am a fully Accredited Member. This may be viewed here:

The IAHIP is the longest established Association in Ireland for accrediting Psychotherapists